Sunday, April 29, 2012

Joel Osteen

      I'm not the type to watch television preachers, but this morning I just happened to catch Joel Osteen before my beloved CBS Sunday Morning show. I don't know anything about Osteen. I've only seen him as I flip through the channels. But today, he won me over. He was talking about how Thomas Edison got closer and closer to success with his fabulous inventions by suffering through a lot of rejections.

      Last night I checked my email late. Not expecting any book agent to actually be working on a Saturday night, I was surprised to find my third rejection. Of course that left me dejected, until this morning.

      After Osteen finished his Thomas Edison story, he also told how his mother got a swimming pool despite the fact that his father refused to plan or pay for one. It didn't deter her. She kept measuring the backyard and planning for the pool parties. And yes, she eventually got her pool without her husband's input, financially or otherwise.

      I'm still planning for my book tour and practicing my confident, "Good morning Matt," for my Today Show appearance. And I definitely plan to get a Booze Day Tuesday shot on Hoda and Kathie Lee's show. I'll even make the drinks.

      Tomorrow begins my attack on the independent publishers. Someone has got to want a multi-media project and a guaranteed 2-book package. Right? Right?

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